We deliver premier tax services by assisting in-house teams to assess, report, and where appropriate, reduce state and local tax liabilities and risk thereby enhancing shareholder value.


We deliver premier tax services by assisting in-house teams to assess, report, and where appropriate, reduce state and local tax liabilities and risk thereby enhancing shareholder value.

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Providing Consulting Services related to the CARES Act Small Business Assistance Programs

Receiving small business grants and loans are necessary in this current economic environment but can be time consuming and complicated…
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Our Areas Of Expertise

We have a full service, multi-state tax consulting firm with experience helping a diverse client base with challenges across the United States.

Primary Areas

States are becoming more aggressive and creative in seeking revenue sources, as well as incentivizing new businesses to locate and grow in their states. As a consequence, the very structure of sales and use taxes are becoming more and more complex due to rapidly changing tax legislation, tax rules and regulations. Moreover, these rules often vary not only by state but within states on the local level. We help our clients understand and plan for sales and use tax risk and opportunities in this ever-changing landscape. We do so in ways that are proven to enhance bottom-line results.

Nearly all local jurisdictions impose property tax on business real and personal property and have various filing deadlines and rules and regulations. Levied by counties and cities, property tax assessments are based on the estimated value of the property. We help our clients manage their property valuations to make sure tax assessments are fair and equitable.

Corporate income taxes are imposed on a company’s profit – its net income. Franchise taxes are fees that companies pay for the privilege of doing business in a particular state or city and are imposed on a company’s net worth – its gross receipts. We are skilled in both areas. Because state taxes are often influenced by federal taxation rules, we also work with our clients to identify the potential impact of the federal corporate income tax reform provisions under the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

A growing number of states are contemplating legislative proposals due to state revenue pressures. Since gross receipt taxes are imposed on business sales with few or no deductions, the economic effects can have a meaningful adverse impact on business profits. We help manage your current gross receipt tax responsibilities and work with you to protect your interest, as states consider new tax policy measures.
Many cities and counties impose a license and occupational tax when a business operates within their borders. We partner with our clients to determine nexus and manage their potential tax risk when doing business within a local jurisdiction. We focus on finding available exemptions and apportionment opportunities to help our clients effectively manage their tax liability.

Secondary Areas

The federal government levies an excise tax on various motor fuels, such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, natural gas, alternative and other fuels. We help our clients determine whether the fuel reported for excise tax purposes is being used for an exempt purpose or qualifies for any of several fuel tax credits, refunds, or payments.
Oil and gas producers or anyone with a working or royalty interest in oil or gas operations are responsible for paying severance taxes. The tax is imposed on the removal of nonrenewable resources, such as crude oil, condensate and natural gas, coalbed methane, and carbon dioxide. The tax is administered differently by different states. We partner with our clients to determine whether certain wells or production activities are exempt from severance tax.
If your business operations expand beyond the borders of a single state, your employment tax obligation becomes complex. We assist our clients to enhance their employment tax strategies to maximize bottom-line performance.
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